Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reality Show Preview Coming Tomorrow

I apologize for not hitting the people up this week as I have been uncharacteristically busy due to starting a new job on Monday.  I did see the other Meatball last weekend (he is actually alive) and he gave me this to help the back ache I've gotten from carrying the site for two months.

Since I will not be able to post until after tomorrow's games begin, I'll go ahead and throw up my picks for the Sexy 16, Great Eight and Fabulous Four.

16: Louisville, Wake Forest, Kansas, Michigan State, UConn, Purdue, Marquette, Memphis, Pitt, Florida State, Nova, Duke, UNC, Western Kentucky, Arizona State, OU

8: Louisville, Kansas, UConn, Memphis, Pitt, Nova, UNC, OU

4: Louisville, Memphis, Pitt, OU

OU over Louisville in the Championship game, Blake Griffin wins MOP.


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