Monday, July 20, 2009

Entourage, Episode 602

E's new romantic interest

Episode two of the latest season of Entourage showed the boys back together, for the most part. E ended the episode heading out, but at least it was to visit a girl. That girl, Alexis Dziena looked very odd to me in her most recent TV appearance. She was sort of cute in Fool's Gold (yeah I watch rom-coms on my own time, get over it) from a couple of years ago, but I found her difficult to look at in Entourage and sort of reminiscent of a Tarsier (pictured above). Once I got past that, I found a good episode. I was happy about the boys (for the most part) ending up together and Turtle getting to go public with Jamie-Lynn. Most importantly in this episode, Vinnie's comeback was made full circle. He's back on top where we all want him to be and making moves on the daily.

I also liked the side story of Gary Cole's character cheating on his wife with the junior agent. It gave some depth and drama to the season that has been upbeat and lighter through the first 60 minutes. E was typical E, chasing Sloan around, though I'm not quite sure what's holding her back. I guess she was being one of 'those girls' who tell you what they want, then when you do it, they aren't happy because they wanted you to want that on your own. Every guy reading this (or in America) has had to deal with that at some level. Thankfully, I haven't been down that road but once in the last few years and don't think I will be for another few.

The season has kept the good episode streak coming out of the season prior, a little bit better than Jimmy Rollins did in 2006 (sorry, Dave). I'm going to cut this post short and hit the sack after a loooooooong weekend after leaving the people with these final thoughts:

After mentioning my thoughts about the girl E went home with, Meatball guest writer, the Lube Tube and I got to talking about times in life when women are the best looking. He thinks women peak in their late 20s, two out of three women in an informal poll I conducted at work agreed. However, an intern and I were on the same page when we thought it was 19 for most members of the fairer sex. It's before one gets inundated with studies and then work, and still has time to keep up on one's appearance. I know my lifestyle got much less healthy after 19 in college and then living on my own as did that of most of my friends of both genders.

We agreed that guys hit their peaks in the mid to late 30s for the most part, so we all have something to look forward to.



  1. Alexis is kinda creepy lookin, but it's hard to look attractive when Sloan is your competition. Wasn't bad lookin in Nick and Nora's playlist.

    J-Roll may not have the longest streak - but does had solid commericals


  3. I would say that the gremlin posted is actually a little more attractive that Ashley on episode's like if you have an Aston Martin, and a pulse, you've got to be able to pull better tail that a girl who not only looks kind of split, but also looks kind of 16.

  4. Me and Jesse talked a little more on women peak and here's my take. Most women aren't done developing facial features when they're 18 or 19, but then they run into (and i agree) the stress of school and work, and also haven't quite mastered the party life (most go at it a little hard) so by the time they're settled down with work or school or whatever, and they don't look drained from throwing up the night before, you've entered your mid to late 20's.
    And with the girls that don't party, this doesn't apply to them, because no one likes a dud. I think there are some hormonal enhancements around that age as well, on account of the increased sex drive...never discount how that affects the body in a positive light.

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