Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Thoughts 7/24

So, apparently Phil Mickelson wants to be a businessman now.

I watched this video and the headline says "fly fisherman accidently catches Great White Shark" Now my question is how are you a fly fisherman and accidentally catch a Great White Shark? I mean, I can see the shark biting your line and then breaking it, but actually catching the great fish sounds a little suspect to me.

I just threw up all over myself. I don't know whats worse, the actual article or the headline? Really? Oh and by the way, if anyone actually believes him - shame on you.

Here is how I know that Big Ben didn't rape this women. A. she isn't even filing a criminal complaint and just wants some of his lute. B. look at him, he didn't shave, no tie, hair is going everywhere, and he read a statement that his lawyer wrote 5 minutes before hand and he didn't even rehearse it. He doesn't give a shit.

Sucks to be this guy

This will bring you back to your glory days. How great was Bill Walsh college football?

Seth Rogan did not take too kindly to the jokes in the most recent entourage episode.

This I won't watch, but you know what I would watch? The best players in the NFL right now play these cats - there would be highlights galore for days.


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