Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jams that will soon be Jams

Messing around on itunes yesterday and today I decided to try and find some good music that not a lot of people have heard yet. This is more like a tweet than it is a blog, but so be it.

Beggin' by Madcon
When I hear this song it reminds of me of the Roots at first, but has a twist of Wyclef.

Until the Sun Dies by Lushlife
Starts out a little slow, you may think I'm weird when it starts. Depressing at first but starts in with crazy music - reminds me of Lupe.

I'm A G by Reef the Lost Cause vs Guns & Butter
This is a banger - nuf said.

Shining Down by Lupe Fiasco ft/Matthew Santos
I have a mixed feeling towards Lupe, he is really good or really bad in my opinion. This is when he is really good.

Cool Relax by Naledge ft/ Jay Electronica
Clever sounded dude, mix between Nas, Kanye, and once again - Lupe.

Molly by Acid Tab Vocab
Starts out pretty interesting to say the least, but I like the beat and pretty funny lyrics.

Roll the Windows Up by Nipsey Hussle
So Far by Sleep of Oldominion


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