Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When News isn't News

Trevor Ariza's buddy saying that Trevor told him that Lebron told Trevor - when he was trying to pitch him on coming to Cleveland - that Lebron is staying past 2010 is not news. This is a he said that he said situation with zero to little implication. Explain to me why this is front page of and mentioned on the back page of the NY dailies. Do you have any idea the things some of my friends (and I) have said to members of the opposite sex/ prospective clients/ potential employers/ etc. when they are trying to get them to go out/home with them/ buy something/ hire them and so on?

This is just one recent example of when we are subjected to a report that is sold, branded and delivered as news, when it is, in fact, not news.

A much better, not as recent example, goes to the 2008 Olympic qualifiers. A man, whose name escapes me, but is known as "Tink-Tink" to Katt Williams fans, who has two artificial legs did not make it to the Olympics. This is absolutely not news. A guy without natural legs normally does not make it to one of the world's highest level of competition. In no way shape or form is this news.

Sammy Sosa's name was on the 2003 list of MLBers who tested positive for PEDs. Come on. We knew this was the case a decade ago. It would be news if Sosa was tested and came out clean. Stories like these are akin to the heavyset, acne-prone kid getting shut down by every girl he asks to prom. NOT NEWS.

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