Monday, July 13, 2009

Entourage, Season Six Premiere

Most, if not all of the Meatball fans watch Entourage so I thought I would provide some input on the first ep of season six.

As we learned at the end of season five, the boys were finally turning things around. Vince landed the lead in a Scorcese movie, E's client's pilot was about to get green lit, Johnny Drama still has a hit show and Sal - I mean Turtle - was not doing much professionally, but was dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Good Things:
+ Sloan's back: If you're a red-blooded male, I don't really need to explain to you why her being back in E's life is good for the show. Did you know she was in Are You Afraid of the Dark? back in 1996?
+Vince is still pulling hotties: Nuff said.
+Turtle is growing up: If anyone on the show needed to act their age a little more often, it was most definitely Turtle. He dressed like I did in high school and the boys are supposed to be in their early 30s (Drama a few years beyond that). He has no financial support system or real world applicable business skills, so if anything happened to Vinnie, he'd be screwed.
+Lloyd being assertive: He goes in there and demands a promotion from Ari. It's about time he sac'd up and went after what he wanted in life (besides Tom). Did you realize Lloyd has been in 53 of 69 episodes (through the first five seasons)? That's more than Mrs. Ari or Shauna. It's also more than Billy, Dana Gordon and Sloan, COMBINED. Once you see that, you see it's about time Lloyd tried to move up.
+Gary Cole: I really like Gary Cole in most of the things he's been in, from The Brady Bunch Movie to Pineapple Express. I like his character and like that Ari doesn't forget who he passed on the way up.

Bad Things:
-The boys are growing apart: As my boy Dommy said, "I watch this show because it would be sweet to live like that, this is just a microcosm of my life now." I can't say it any better. Who doesn't grow apart, I don't want to see that on TV, happening to the boys, I see it every day of my life.
-Vinne got his license: I'm not interested in that whatsoever. Vinnie was unique because he was 30-plus and had no idea how to drive. Well, I guess he still doesn't, but now that he can, it takes one of the only things Turtle brings to the table away.
-E's getting more self-sufficient: E can be kind of schmucky to me at times and the fact that he is establishing himself as a manager makes me nervous that that will only get stronger. He always has been the first guy to hide something from the rest of the boys and him making moves and getting his own place just gives him more freedom to do that.

All said and done, I thought it was a good episode. Frustrating because Entourage has a way of nailing home a point and I've got the feeling that the boys will continue to grow apart more and more over the next month before the tide turns them back together.

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