Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Straight Picks through Week 9/Gambling Picks for Week 10

Wow, did I ever come crashing back to earth. I went just 36-31 over Weeks 5 through 9 to drop to 80-49. That also slides me down from third among ESPN 'experts' to last (nine games behind Mortensen and Hoge). Still not totally a loss, considering all they do is watch football and get paid loads to do so. Also they make picks each week and I picked mine early. Enough excuses, let's get to this week's gambling picks. home team in bold)

Denver (-3.5) over Washington--The Gentlemen Broncos have cooled off after a 6-0 start, losing to a couple of AFC North teams. Thankfully, the Redskins play in the NFC East and Orton and the boys will beat up the soupman and trainwreck that is Washington football.

Cincinnati (+7) over Pittsburgh-- I know the Steelers are the champs, but the Bengals are bringing it this year and CP9 has just three picks in the last six games after throwing four in Weeks 1 & 2. The Steelers could still win at home, but it'll be tight.

New Orleans (-14) over St. Louis-- My third road team pick so far. It won't make much of a difference against the lethargic Rams and it keeps the Saints in a dome, which they are clearly comfortable. I don't get how this line isn't higher, I'm taking it up to 20 probably.

Arizona (-8.5) over Seattle-- The Seahawks are bad...not like early 1990s slang where bad means good, just bad bad. Zona stomped Seattle by 24 on the road earlier in the year and their only wins this year are against Jacksonville, St. Louis and Detroit (combined record of 6-18). Look for Warner to have a field day.

Stay away from Buffalo (+8.5) at Tennessee. Two bad teams, although the Titans have looked good lately, I have zero confidence in VY.


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