Monday, November 30, 2009

One Year Anny/Thanksgiving and Travel Thoughts

We launched on November 24, 2008. Thanks for everyone who's laid their eyes on MITM since then. I (we?) do it for the people.

Airlines shouldn't say "pagers are not permitted at any time on the plane and should be shut off and put away." They should say "If you still have a pager, get off the plane and onto a time machine, if you are serious with that."

Like Wilson
looks like he's put on a few lbs. in the new AT&T commercials bashing Verizon, don't you think?

If you're flying this Christmas, try to steer clear of these airports if at all possible. I thought Newark was much higher in years past. The most recent American Top 5 (or bottom 5 to travel through) are Atlanta (Jackson), Chicago (O'Hare), Los Angeles (LAX), Dallas (DFW) and Denver (really?). By God's grace I flew through/to/from O'Hare and DFW without a hitch on Thanksgiving week.

There's been talks of allowing cell phones on planes in the near future. This would be the worst thing that ever happened to airplanes. That is all.

Why wouldn't airlines just sneak the $10-$20 checked baggage fee into the airfare? There would be no public outcry and people wouldn't event realize fares are up a few percentage points. Southwest wouldn't have to film those dumb commercials with the baggage carriers all sappy about bags leaving or whatever. There are already less flights because of this economy which leads to more seats being filled per plane. Couple that with people trying to save $20-$100 on checked bags means bigger carry-ons. Flights are packed to the gills and more annoying to get on, off and be on than ever before. Ughhhhh I wish I had money for NetJets.

Tiger's other chick is pretty good looking. This is one of the craziest stories in recent memory. Elin's first instinct was to take a golf club through the back window? I really feel like it was more of a 10-16 (AKA a domestic disturbance) where Elin was screaming "You want to golf and leave me for weeks at a time? I can golf too (begins swinging golf club at his face and car)." Then cooler heads prevailed and they thought of a way to cover it up with a fake car accident.


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