Monday, November 2, 2009

Miami Redhawks (UPDATED)

Worlds Largest Meatball (222.5 lbs)

Got their first win of the football season this weekend vs. the Toledo Rockets. The Fins beat the Jets again on the strength of defense and special teams (TEDDY GINN). Good week for football for me, except in the gambling department (more on that tomorrow with my weekly picks) so here's a link that has nothing to do with football: "Penno, for the win!"

Apparently the NBA started last week. As a Knicks fan, I didn't realize they started playing again until 2010, oops. According to the Lube Tube, Carmelo Anthony is the early favorite for 09-10 MVP after averaging 38/7/4 through the first week games of the young season and a 3-0 record.

Lesson: Don't tackle guys who are in the same uni as you.

There are 93 artists/bands/groups that have had THREE #1 hit singles. How many can you name? I got 50.

UPDATE: THE BIGGEST MEATBALL EVER. Outweighing Pelle by about 35 pounds and Jesse by close to 40, this New Hampshire man broke a world record with his 222.5 lb meatball.


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