Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Week's Picks and a Few Links

Last week's results were so-so, but the games I actually bet on, I went just 1-4:

Denver (-3.5) over Washington-- WRONG
Cincinnati (+7) over Pittsburgh-- RIGHT
New Orleans (-14) over St. Louis-- WRONG
Arizona (-8.5) over Seattle-- RIGHT

This week's picks, home team in bold:

Pittsburgh (-10) over Kansas City-- The last time the Steelers lost to the Bengals, they went on a stretch where they four straight, three of those wins by double digits. The Clocktower and co. are pissed and will dominate KC.

Indianapolis (-1) over Baltimore-- Have the bookmakers watched either team this year? The Ravens needed a furious five minute stretch of scoring to put up any points vs. the Browns and Indy is throwing up points all over the place. Easy pick.

Minnesota (-11) over Seattle-- The Favresons are looking good and the 'Hawks are simply not. Five of Seattle's six losses this season have come by 11 or more points and their only wins are over Detroit, St. Louis and an early-season Jacksonville team.

Arizona (-9) over St. Louis-- Watch out for the Cardinals. They've won five out of six to move to 6-3 and they still get to play the Rams (twice!), the Titans, the Lions and a struggling 49ers team. They could potentially end up at 12-4. St. Louis has shown life over the last two weeks, picking up their first win and playing the Saints 'till the end, but Zona knows this is the time to pile up wins and fight for seeding in the playoffs.

Stay away from THE WORST GAME OF THE YEAR, POSSIBLY IN NFL HISTORY. AKA'd as Cleveland at Detroit.

Eight of the world's biggest roadside attractions. My favorite: The largest floating loon.

Top 10 ways guys leave parties. They might as well call #9 'The Pelle.'

Top 25 highest paid coaches in the world. I pay little to no attention to soccer except every four years (like most good Americans), so I've never heard of more than half of the guys in the top 10.


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