Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Major League's Thoughts on Mascots

Graduating from Miami University after they changed their name from Redskins to Redhawks, the only thing I can say for sure is that the new mascot is a pansy. I didn’t associate the name with racist undertones of a culture and people practically annihilated by early settlers of white (never will I ever use the word Caucasian unless it’s to demonstrate my dislike for said word. Just say white.) America, but rather thought of the rich Indian history in the Southwestern Valley of Ohio that I was taught in grade school. Do others have the same thoughts? I have no clue. Probably not.
Most likely because of their small population size, most people don't think twice about whether terms such as Indians and Redskins are racist. Many just don't care. In that regard, is it better for these advocacy groups to continue broaching the subject, or allow it to disappear? One worries of the past being forgotten, and therefore repeated if the latter comes to fruition. Moreover, I’m surprised that people dedicate so much of their time to causes such as changing the name of a sports team. I question its overall value, and am saddened by the gratification they will almost assuredly never receive. In that regard, their dedication to the cause must be commended.
When deciding to respond to the post by Gus, then a few comments afterwards, my focus was not directed at the names of the teams. Rather, I wanted to discuss some of the logic that mascots, in particular Chief Wahoo, are overly racist and essentially should be condemned to hell.  I just don’t get it. Mascots in their purest nature are cartoonish classifications of themselves.  Their sole purpose is to be a bad caricature that you see crappy artists painting on the streets near the Louvre in sappy Sandra Bullock movies.  Have you ever seen a true mascot that was an exact replica of their real life name? Or course not. That doesn’t draw attention. Features are exaggerated. That’s not racist; it’s just pandering to kids for the most part.  Do Satanists get upset every time they see the Duke Blue Devil on the court? Does the Black Hole at a Raiders game make you think twice on taking the next cruise?  Do you think everyone in Oklahoma looks like OSU’s Pistol Pete? I don’t hear modern day cowboys complaining, or really, any one really voicing much concern about the Leprechaun.
Lastly, I saw in one of the comments, that a teacher at some hippie school (liberal arts school, just wanted to get a rise out of those folks as they were reading this while listening to Phish) up in Cleveland that didn’t allow admittance into her classroom while wearing any Indians attrite.  Get over yourself lady. Don’t force your beliefs onto others by abusing your power and installing a dictatorship in the classroom. Last time I checked, wasn’t forcing your beliefs on others the whole reason for the above mess?
-The Lube Tube/Major League

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