Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Troy Polamalu's Brother-in-Law Hates My Article [Special Wednesday with Gus]

In my previous article, I detailed why I think Troy Polamalu is overrated. I came to the conclusion that he is a good safety, nothing more and nothing less. I had been reading an article about how Derek Anderson flipped on someone (again, but via twitter this time) who had criticized him when I received the following from Alex Holmes, Troy Polamalu's brother in law:

Alex (makes the first contact): @Ghassandwich this insane diatribe is a pathetic attempt to get attention. Makes it easy to understand why you have 30 followers.

We've got ourselves what Jesse would call an aPol(amalu)gist. I took offense to his use of the word “insane.” Maybe that's because my sister is a psychologist and she has taught me not to water down words that talk about people becoming mentally deranged. Maybe it's because being compared to someone who is capable of murdering and raping others without knowing what they're doing isn't exactly my cup of tea. Either way, this dude needed to be Derek Andersowned. So, I called him out:

Gus: @Trojan81 You preach hatred over logic. If I'm wrong, prove it. Internet trolls get more attention than logic, anyway so I could care less.

Alex: @Ghassandwich you have no logic! First off you are comparing different http://positions.Ed is a free safety, Troy is a strong safety. Troy plays at the line of scrimmage,deep in the secondary, at the linebacker level. Ed sits back and plays center field. Amongst NFL players there isnt a more respected player than Troy. There isnt a more dynamic player possibly in the history of the game than Troy and most importantly he has 2 SuperBowl rings. Which is the ultimate goal for NFL players not stats or individual awards.

One of the most dynamic players ever? I'll get to that later. But, his argument was laughable. Saying Polamalu plays everywhere on the entire field basically proved my point. I said Troy doesn't create enough turnovers and this guy is saying he doesn't do that because he plays the entire field? Nice one. He also happened to insult me the week USC got it's 2004 National Championship taken away.

Gus: @Trojan81 Also, you're a one time national champion, not two.

Alex: @Ghassandwich also I dont preach any hate and you are wrong I am a 2 time AP National Champion...and yourself?

Good one! I've never won a national championship that I've never competed for! That's like me making fun of him for never having been awarded a full scholarship to get a Masters degree at Kent State. As for saying they play different positions? That's like saying cornerbacks, offensive guards, defensive tackles, outside linebackers and wide receivers can rarely be compared since they might be right or left, X or Z. But he's allowed to do this because he compared Polamalu to every other player in the history of the sport. I decided to end this bickering:

Gus: @Trojan81 You claim I use no logic, and yet don't realize I gave a statistical comparison using facts. Nothing made up. You're bored.

Alex: @Ghassandwich your comparing different positions, totally different players. Hypothetically troy could play back and get that many ints. He does so much more

So there you have it. No two players in the NFL can be compared, nor can we voice a reasonable opinion about somebody. That is of course, unless the comparison came from a guy that won a championship at a level different than the one we're discussing.

-Gus Rafeedie

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