Wednesday, December 10, 2008

wednesday morning thoughts

First off, congrats to Jesse's cuz for throwin up some nice numbers on the stat sheet against a solid team from the Yitty.

Secondly on the poll to the right. Imported beer is by far the best alcoholic beverage for a MAN! I love America, but when it comes to making beers, they are just like the car industry-way behind the rest of the world.

CC is a Yankee.

Usually NFL MVP's go to an offensive player, but there really isn't any huge numbers out there this year. That is why I think the MVP should go to a defensive player making him the 3rd player ever to do so. Plus I am a Steeler fan, so I may be a little biased.

The guy is a clown, but since I am from Youngstown, Ohio (corruption capital of the US-not really, but pretty close) I have to give him props for trying.

Jesse will tell you that this is my type of stuff right here, also-MAD PROPS FOR TRYING!!!!

I am not sure if anyone has seen the new mini series on HBO "House of Saddam" but it is a very good series and well done by HBO. I suggest you check out the first part at a buddy's house if you don't have on demand. Check out the next episode Sunday at 9.

I have no clue how he is this good, but he is.

LBJ keeps driving up that asking price every time he steps on the court. It is very clear that the only teams that will even be able to have a chance to sign him are the large market teams.......KNICKS!

Most accurate power rankings in sports every week.

Not a bad idea I guess

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