Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Dream Match

I cannot wait for this weekends bout between Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya. In this fight you will see two of the best technical boxers in the business and in my opinion the best fighter pound for pound on the planet in Manny Pacquiao (If you don't believe me, you will soon). However, Manny is attempting to move up 2 weight divisions and win, probably because all of the competition at lightweight isn't anywhere near his level and because he is that good to do it. I am very interested to see how both fighters fight in this bout. Each boxer has questions to answer, Can Manny fight at this weight and should Oscar stick to the promotions? Oscar is old, but he still has a very dangerous left hook and he is a very smart fighter. Each fighter will focus on certain rounds to throw attacks at eachother and that is where Oscar may have the advantage. Whoever counters the best may win this one. Manny hasn't fought at this weight and he will get worn down by Oscar; therefore I expect him to come out hard and fast. Manny can punch with the best of'em, so he better land'em early and often or he could be in trouble. If you happen to watch this fight I want you to take note of the scorecard after the 6th round. If Oscar is winning, he can cruise til the 12th and play D. I expect Manny to be ahead by 2-3 rounds at this point, but he will have to hold on to win.

Keys for the Fight:

The L.A native De La Hoya is bigger and Manny is much smaller, meaning Oscar's punches will have more of an impact on the Filipino. On the flip side, Manny will need to land more punches to cause the damage he's used to inflicting on his opponents. Advantage: De La Hoya

When I think of Boxing or any sport for that matter I think of Power (above) and Speed. Oscar isn't slow by any means, but Manny is lightning quick and I'm not sure Oscar has seen a faster fighter. Yes, that includes pretty boy Flloyd. Advantage: Pacquioa

Boxing is an exhausting sport and each fighter is going to need to dig deep in this one. When the 10th round starts each fighter knows they are close to the end and you see a resurgance similar to the early rounds. Oscar, once again isn't a quitter, but if you haven't seen this Pacquioa kid fight yet, wait til you how tenacious see he is. Advantage: Pacquioa

My favorite fighter is Kelly Pavlik because he is from my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio and when I think of Kelly I think consistent pressure. Probably the only clear cut advantage in the entire fight is Oscar's consistency. Manny as I said earlier is the best fighter on the planet pound for pound, but he does have mental lapses and he has been gotten too earlier in his career. If Oscar can frustrate him - It's over. Advantage: De La Hoya

Finally, the corners. Oscar is working with Ignacio Beristain for the first time in his career which could be a problem, however Beristain trained Juan Manuel Marquez who has seen Pacquioa twice, so he knows his flaws. At the other end is one of the most highly respected men in the sport - Freddie Roach. Roach is a tough dude and I usually root for whoever he is training. Roach has trained De La Hoya so he knows his flaws as well, but more importantly he has been with Pacquioa for seven years bulding a strong relationship. Advantage: Pacquioa

I just hope this is an instant classic! But if I had to pick I would pick Pacquioa.


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