Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grapples and Links

This girl from work, Ally, brought in some odd fruit today that I thought the people should know about. It looks like an apple, but it smells, and according to her, tastes, exactly like a grape. She claims they are called Grapples and I did a little research and found this and this. This revelation inspires me to quit my job and start a company that sells Pinenanas. Yup, a banana that tastes like a pineapple. Million dollar idea on the horizon.

My buddy from the office, Bobby Cans, sent me this link yesterday. Not only is it a good read with a picture of a kid in a hilarious t-shirt, but there is some great advice in a quote from a former Cyclones player, Jeremiah Schwartz, "Let me explain something really quick. Rule one: Don’t f—- with a Florida n—--. Rule two: Don’t lie to your team. Rule three: Respect rule two." (sidenote: what kind of name is Jeremiah Schwartz for a black guy? If he ever makes it to the NFL, he needs to be on Bill Simmons' list of Reggie Cleveland All-Stars.

If Andy Pettitte signs anywhere else but the Bronx he is an absolute clown, phony, fake, ingrate, chump, jerk, disloyal person.


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