Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Traditons (and links, obvi)

Everyone has their own traditions with their families, friends and maybe even coworkers or neighbors. A lot of the ones my mom's side of the family used to practice were lost a few years ago with the death of our family matriarch, my Grandma. I wanted to bring up a few of mine that you might be able to relate to. If you vibe with these, or even if you can't please comment/e-mail us to share your own.

Current traditions:
We open one gift on Christmas Eve. It should be a lesser present, not the main one that someone got you. Usually it ends up being a book or DVD, maybe an ornament for next year or a picture frame. This is typically from our parents since they normally get a couple small gifts along with a bigger one.

Stockings are usually filled with candy and some other trinkets. My mom puts said stocking on the pillow next to my head when I first wake up. This was gotten away from during my teen years, but mom ramped it back up for me and baby bro over the last few years.

Every single year that I can remember, we've had a Christmas tree in the living room of my house. Even when I was away at college we had a tree of some sort every Christmas but freshmen year. Over the last two years that I spent the bulk of the season in Dallas, we had two trees, one in the front hall/foyer and one upstairs in the landing. I am a proponent of real trees with needles that fall off at some point and you have to clean up after New Year's. Fake trees annoy me, as do colored lights on trees.

My college friend, Alex, has taken me to a Knicks game at the World's Most Famous Arena over the time I am back in New York for Christmas. December 26 vs. the Timberwolves will be the fourth year of this budding tradition of ours and the second year baby bro has come with. After the game I like to head to Rockefeller Center and get a look at the greatest Christmas tree in the world.

Past traditions:
My mom, stepdad, brother, aunts and uncles on that side and various family friends would go to my Grandma's house late morning and open gifts, stockings, play with our new presents and do other Christmas-related things until we ate. After digesting, my cousins, brother and I would bundle up and our Uncle Jeff would walk us up the hill past where my Nana used to live down the 'cul-de-sac' and to this one old couple's house where they would deck their garage out with the most amazing manger scene I've ever witnessed. It was especially fresh when it snowed.

This next one is more of a current tradition, but since my Nana will be in the City of Brotherly Love this Christmas it is on a one-year suspension. After spending the morning through early evening with my mom's side of the family, I've gone to my Nana's home - often with my two boys - since one of us has been old enough to drive.

Just like everyone else, I used to put out milk and cookies (sometimes brownies) for Santa and try to stay awake to catch him although I never did.

Some Links for the Holidays:
Two guys who are already injured are fighting in the weight room in Cleveland. Shouldn't they be in the rehab or training room? Also, Brady, how does it feel to get punched by a guy who weighs a Jonas Brother more than you?

My buddy from work, Spence, heard about this story on the radio this morning. What would drive this guy to shoot up a couple of cars in rush hour? I get upset but not, it's-time-to-start-busting-caps-upset.

What's with referees knocking down players this year? Las Vegas had no comment on the events.

Everyone loves some yule log in the fireplace.

Be sure to follow Santa's flight on Christmas Eve here.



  1. is there a legit reason this blog is so anti-cleveland?

  2. Maybe cuz Cleveland sucks? My family opens a present Xmas eve too, just to keep things fresh the night before xmas. Besides that, we don't really have that many traditions. Lots of presents I guess if that could be labeled a tradition...

  3. Careful, at least in Cleveland we're at least kicking someone's ass! even if it is our own....back off