Friday, December 12, 2008

Heisman Preview

There are only three finalists this season much to the dismay of Texas Tech fans everywhere. All three lucky guys are QBs, Sam Bradford from Oklahoma, Colt McCoy from Texas and Tim Tebow out of Florida. I'll spend some time breaking down their hype and numbers and pick my winner before tomorrow night's ceremony at the Downtown Athletic Club in NYC.

The contestants:

Sam Bradford, QB- Oklahoma Sooners
302/442, 68.3%, 4464 yds, 48 TD, 6 INT
Bradford has guided his team to a Big 12 championship and berth in the BCS game vs. Tebow's crew. He's also punched it in on the ground five times this season and helped the Sooners become the first team in NCAA D1 history to score 60+ points five times in a row. He probably has the most talent around him of anyone in the group and has used it to put up ridiculous numbers all year long.

Colt McCoy, QB- Texas Longhorns
291/375, 77.6%, 3445 yds, 32 TD, 7 INT
He actually out rushed Tebow this season with 576 yards and 10 TDs. Bet you didn't know that. McCoy leads the trio with seven picks, but he's cut down dramatically from his 2007 total of 18 and one interception every six quarters or so isn't a ton. The guy doesn't throw very many balls that hit the ground completing more than 3 out of 4 passes on the year.

Tim Tebow, QB- Florida Gators
174/268, 64.9%, 2515 yds, 28 TD, 2 INT
Tebow also has 564 yards and 12 TDs on the ground this season as he ran his Heisman defense campaign. Timmy led his squad to a 11-1 record, an SEC title and berth in the National Championship game vs. Bradford's Sooners. Last season, his numbers were more impressive (3,200+ yards, 32 passing TDs and 23 rushing TDs) as he took home the trophy. Depending on how late undecided voters picked their winner, they may have went with Tebow after his manly comeback performance in the SEC championship game vs. Alabama.

Graham Harrell being left out of this is a joke and just goes to show you that the Heisman is more about hype than it is about talent and skill. It's a shame that the kid can't get a nice weekend in NYC for his monstrous efforts this season in Lubbock. You can make the argument that Michael Crabtree took some votes from Harrell, but regardless of that, he should have been invited. The writers who vote on this should be embarrassed this QB didn't get any more votes.

Back to the people actually invited. This is a tight race as all three guys are very impressive and have guided their teams to 11-1 records. Each has had their "Heisman Moment" at some point or another this year and it will be one of the closest votes in a long time. This website has predicted the winner correctly over the last several seasons using actual voter reported ballots and they have Bradford ahead right now by a slight margin, even though Tebow has the most 1st place votes. My prediction is Tebow takes home 25 lb. statue number two. He's a really likable guy and we all know mediamen vote for people they like. I'd love to see him win as I enjoy seeing history as it happens and it would be great to see the second guy to win two Heismans happen in my lifetime. Who knows, with a Sophomore and two Juniors, there could be a season-long rematch in 2009. That would sure be fun to watch.


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