Friday, October 30, 2009

World Series G2 Thread (with context this time!)

So this has a leg to stand on, I've provided the game scenario in italics above the comments we are referencing to the best of my memory.

Jesse,Alex Dombroff,Pelle

earlier in the day, we started the thread with some pre-game chatter
Jesse: Pedro vs. AJ
System message: Pelle has been invited to join.
Alex Dombroff: We need this
Jesse: Wonder what pelles doing
Alex Dombroff: Is he in chicago
Jesse: Haha. Doubtful
System message: Pelle has been invited to join.
System message: Pelle has been added to the conversation.
Jesse: We're all here
Pelle: Let's do r bar. The yanks need us!
Jesse: I guess I could do that
Pelle: Well let me know
Jesse: What you guys think about hairston over swish toniuht?
Alex Dombroff: Is that def?
Jesse: No. But he should be
Jesse: Look at the numbers
Pelle: Those don't mean any thing. Its the biggest stage. You need to
go out n perform n my main man swish is gonna be doin some damage
Jesse: Swish is eating dick. Jerry is.370 vs Pedro
Pelle: When was the last time he saw him in action? 6 years ago?
Jesse: Just as recent as the rest of the Yankees. Swish is 0 for 2 vs. Pedro
Pelle: Put me out there. Ill lace one back up the middle off Pedro
Alex Dombroff: Can I get a WHO's YOUR DADDY
Jesse: 4 hours
Jesse: Quien es tu papa?
Pelle: Who's your daddy!!!???
Jesse: Jerry officially in Rf. Love it
Pelle: Dh posada over Godzilla. Your thoughts?
Alex Dombroff: Is that true?
Jesse: No
Jesse: Posada hasn't been great this October
Jesse: Going to grab a 12er of Americas beer to watch Americas team
Pelle: I can view any of these txts. What's going on here. Do I have a frillie?
Pelle: Cant*
Jesse: What's a frillie
Jesse: What time you comin over pelle?
Pelle: Like a virus. Like 730 for pregame. I'm gonna pick some up too
Jesse: Kk
Jesse: Hova in 20!
Pelle: En route!
Pelle: Let's get like ace frehley n get back in the new York groove tonight
Jesse: Nice!
Jesse: Dommy where you watching?
Pelle: Jesse. Save your cold ones I have a surprise

Pelle shows up at my crib with a Heineken mini keg
Alex Dombroff: Great sports bar called blondies. Bringing the yankees crowd
Jesse: Where is it?
Alex Dombroff: West side
Pelle: Alex. A prediction for this evening?
Jesse: My uncle says 7 5
Alex Dombroff: 6-2 bombers. Pedro is reminded exactly who is daddy is
Pelle: Yea I was gonna say we run it right back 6 1
Jesse: I think shootout. 9 5
Alex Dombroff: Pick a team bro
Jesse: Is that a real question
Alex Dombroff: For the gods
Jesse: Yanks babe
Pelle: Bombers
Pelle: We hit 2 in monument park tonight and drop a suck it on Pedro
Jesse: Nice

A few minutes before 8 p.m., AJ fires a strike to start the game
Jesse: This is the biggest inning of the night
Alex Dombroff: What a start aj
Alex Dombroff: That cut fastball to get victorino was gorgeoud
Jesse: That's it
Jesse: Yankees win this one big
Pelle: His stuff is movin. Let's put that Santa Domingo heat on Pedro
Jesse: Pammy fogel around?
Alex Dombroff: Jesse! Its pammy. I miss you!
Jesse: Hey girl. Ill be home for Christmas and new years
Alex Dombroff: I read her that
Alex Dombroff: She gave a "hey hey" in return
Pelle: Tell her pelle may be coming too. And he brings the ruckus

Matt Stairs rips a questionable single off A-Rod's glove for a 1-0 lead
Jesse: Matt stairs coaches hockey in Canada in the offseason
Jesse: A rod come on bro
Pelle: Don't sweat the small stuff. That run will [be] irrelevant in about
5 innings after we put up a few 3 spots
Jesse: He'll lead off with a basehit to atone

Pedro spending an excessive amount of time blowing in his hand
Jesse: Me and pelle just said its supposed to be below 40 if you are
blowing in your hands. Girardi needs to flip out
Pelle: Let's turn it
Jesse: Nice Jose!
Alex Dombroff: Such a big inning here, aj
Jesse: Crowd sucks

Jose Molina whips a ball to Tex who puts the tag on a sleeping Werth and the momentum is shifted
Jesse: Nice!!
Pelle: Jose
Alex Dombroff: There we go, jose

Teixeira clobbers a ball to tie the game at one run apiece
Jesse: Aj is locked in. We need to get some hits. 3 4 5
Alex Dombroff: Rod city
Pelle: Every one hits here
Jesse: Tex message!!!!
Alex Dombroff: Texxxxxxx
Jesse: Its on
Pelle: Were hittin em now.
Jesse: This crowd is TERRIBLE. Get on your feet
Jesse: That's what hairston was K,d on
Jesse: Alex you see those KGB shirts behind home plate? What a great
advertising idea
Alex Dombroff: I gotta pay better attention
Jesse: Captain jetes will get you high
Alex Dombroff: So important to throw up a 0 here, aj
Jesse: He will. Then its back to 3 4 5 who have hit him hard tonight
Jesse: Chase buttley Ryan coward and Jason werthless
Pelle: This inning decides the game. What pitcher gets out the 3 4 5 guys
Jesse: This is where we need to string some guys together
Pelle: Aj sit down w Jorge and talk so we can pinch hit for Molina
Alex Dombroff: Amen, pel
Jesse: Way to give him an out Tex
Pelle: Wtf. Quit swingin @ his bulls---
Alex Dombroff: C'monnnnn
Jesse: Be patient. Is long telling the boys anything?

After two quick strikeouts by A-Rod and Tex, Matsui calmly steps to the plate
Jesse: Godzilla smash!!!
Pelle: Godzirra
Alex Dombroff: Who's your daddy, a--hole
Pelle: Shut em down Aj for that first career playoff dub
Jesse: This is it
Jesse: Always Jacked
Pelle: I say whenever Aj pitches from now on we throw a chaw in!!
Jesse: Vayda's getting the train run on her
Jesse: Ggbg!!!
Jesse: Vayda better buckle up
Pelle: Alex. Here is who's your daddy!!!
Pelle: What a bum he is. He's laughing. What a bum. He doesn't even
care. He's glad he has his money n a ring already
Alex Dombroff: We just started a who's your daddy in the bar
Jesse: Love it

Posada raps a single up the middle to give the home team a 3-1 lead still threatening
Jesse: That's that all state insurance right there
Pelle: Send em home Johnny
Jesse: Come on JD
Jesse: If aj comes out for the 8th I'm flying to nyc and killing girardi
Pelle: Start joba
Jesse: Disappointing inning. 1st and 3rd with no outs
Jesse: Huddle and make the right call
Alex Dombroff: Bs call tho
Pelle: Enter night

AJ hands the ball directly to Rivera for a six-out save attempt, Rivera lets two guys on before inducing a GIDP from Utley
Jesse: Bear down month
Jesse: Mo*
Alex Dombroff: Jesse never gets mo right
Pelle: Mo better get mo right
Jesse: It auto fills in month for some reason
Jesse: I don't know why I get worried about mo
Alex Dombroff: He's a god
Jesse: Eh make up call

Top 9, Aceves is shown stretching in the bullpen, but Mo comes out and pitches a clean inning for the save.
Jesse: Sit the f down ace
Jesse: At least a rod is due in game 3
Jesse: Bronx stand up
Pelle: Start spreadin the news!
Jesse: "Every game in the world series is a must win" big Tex
Jesse: Empire state of mind


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