Friday, April 15, 2011

NBA First Round Playoff Picks

Eastern Conference
Bulls over Pacers in 4
-D. Rose is a man. I am happy that Psycho T will be in the NBA playoffs though.

Celtics over Knicks in 7
-Melo and The Apostrophe each go off at least once, resulting in two Ws and they can steal another one from the Old Big Three plus Rondo. D'antoni gets de-pantsed by Doc in G7.

Magic over Hawks in 6
-The third most interesting matchup of the opening round. Howard finishes with a average line near 30p, 15r and 4b per game.

Heat over 76ers in 4
-Sorry Betsy and Joey O. This is the worst possible opponent for Philly. The Miami Tropics will run through them.

Western Conference
Thunder over Nuggets in 5
-Nuggs magic run is over. Hope Gallo shines in the playoffs, but the Durants are too talented.

Spurs over Grizzlies in 5
-The Big Fundamental and crew are not about to lose to the Grizz in a playoff series. Plus, they're pissed about Memphis basically tanking to play them.

Mavericks over Trail Blazers in 7

Lakers over Hornets in 4
-This is the only matchup that I had to look up because I had no idea who the Lake Show was up against. That should tell you what you need to know about my thoughts on the Hornets' chances.

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