Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rock Paper Scissors is a Sport, Round 5

“You can sit down... That is a monumental strike against it's sport-hood.” Nice job insulting everyone that uses a wheelchair and plays sports. Since their legs don't work, they don't play basketball, do distance racing, or anything else of the sort. Typical East Coast arrogance! “People who aren't like me suck at life” would have been a better way to conclude your article. Wheelchair basketball is a sport, so your whole concept here is completely flawed.

“At least their whole body is involved” You my friend, have never heard of the knuckleball. It takes the same amount of effort to throw rock as it does to throw a knuckleball. Leaving a comment on this blog takes up about as much energy as throwing a knuckleball. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it takes more energy to walk up to the mound than it does to actually throw that pitch.

“There isn't a sport where you can fill the league with fatties” You must not have seen the Yankees play this year. Bartolo Colon, CC Sabathia, and Joba The Gut. These guys are so fat that they would be picked on by people in fat camp.

I'm not going to take this much farther. You obviously believe that RPS is not a sport purely because the Yankees have a few guys that weigh less than a metric ton on their roster. Whatever. I will end by saying this: You have yet to give a legitimate definition for what a sport is. If you do give a legit definition, it better not be one that would include NASCAR. Now that's not a sport.

-Gus Rafeedie

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