Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NHL First Round Playoff Picks

Eastern Conference
Rangers over Capitals in 6
-The Blueshirts are 3-1 against the Caps this year including beatdowns of 6-0 and 7-0.

Sabres over Flyers in 7
-Ryan Miller, American hero. Plus, I'm not picking Philly in anything but baseball. Isn't a sabre a type of sword? What's the deal with their logo/mascot?

Bruins over Canadiens in 5
-Hate picking Boston, but love Tim Thomas. They'll do it without Chara, who will be executed during a stoppage in the first game in Montreal.

Lightning over Penguins in 6
-Stamkos, Lecavilier and St. Louis are too much for the oft-injured Penguins to overcome.

Western Conference
Canucks over Blackhawks in 6
-The young Chicagoans partied too hard all year celebrating their 'ship. The Sedins light it up.

Sharks over Kings in 5
-All Cali, all the time. Mostly picked the Sharks because I have a friend who works for them.

Red Wings over Coyotes in 5
-C'mon Bro. Phoenix is one of the worst sports cities in America and Detroit is Hockey Town. Why do you think they call it that?

Ducks over Predators in 7
-I can't name a guy on either team.

NBA Picks coming later this week.

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