Thursday, January 15, 2009

1-on-1 Tourney delayed, the people are sad

Due to snow conditions similar to that in the picture above, the inaugural 1-on-1 tourney has been delayed indefinitely. We barely were out of the parking lot after about an hour on the road and only two participants made it at all. Keeps your eyes peeled to MITM for the reschedule date.

If you're curious about Lebron's new commercial, here's a report about who sponsored it. While we're on the topic, here are some pictures of the next commercial. Rumors as to what the ad is about have circulated around a dream that Bron Bron has imagining he is in the 'big game' playing for the Browns (a team that has never even been there) then wakes up and realizes that he's still a basketball player. Not sure what that has to do with insurance. Watch the game to find out.

California babygame Natalie Dylan is getting offers for close to $4 million for her virginity. She claims she'll have a OBGYN and lie detector confirm the fact AFTERWARD. That doesn't make any sense.

TO could be on the move, according to ESPN. Speaking of ESPN, here are some on-air hotties for the people.

The economy sucks, so what should you do? If you live in Ohio, get drunk, that's what. Also, in the buckeye state, sent from Brett, what a messed up relationship this is/will be.



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