Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Notes from Dallas

I'm in Dallas for a few days, my former home of two years+, visiting family, friends and dogs.  During the visit, I won't have as much time to post, but here are some thoughts and ruminations to get you through the week.

Man vs. Wild.  Is anyone keeping score here?  The "vs." implies that there is some sort of rivalry involved in the situation.  It ain't a rivalry.  How many episodes have their been?  Apparently we are at 33 and counting.  There's been nothing that resembles a rivalry yet.  It's 33-0, Bear and that's just what's been on TV.  It's probably more realistically similar to the Harlem Globetrotters record vs. the Washington Generals.  This is reminiscent of the Yankees  and Red Sox from 1919-early 2000s.  It was nothing until 2000 with the emergence of Pedro and Nomar when Boston started to show some life and make things interesting.  Come on, Mother Nature, bring something to the table here, please before Bear starts to get bored.  Anyone want to watch a bored bear?

Down goes #1.  Again.  Feeling a little bit of deja vu?  I am.

I didn't vote for Obama, but last week was undeniably historic, regardless what color your state is.  This one verse remix is off the hook.  I'll learn how to put videos directly on here soon enough.

"Best thing since sliced bread."  What's the deal with people saying that?  Imagine growing up in 1928, roughly around the time sliced bread was introduced.  How weak were the lives of American people when sliced bread was the hottest thing on the streets?  There are so many more things since then that are wayyyyy better than sliced bread.  I challenge the MITM fans to come up with a new phrase.  Comment away!

Speaking of old phrases..."Selling like hotcakes"  When were they just flying off the shelves?  How about "selling like weed at the University of Colorado,"  or maybe "selling like cheese in Wisconsin"?  Another challenge to the people to come up with some new ones.

Mickey Rourke is coming after Chris Jericho.  I'm currently watching a behind the scenes look on Air Force One and I remembered this hilarious scene from the 1997 movie.


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