Friday, January 9, 2009

33-3-3 Live Blog!

6:53: Tonight's roster and vital stats:

Name- height/weight/max # of 40s/in one sitting, max # of nuggets in one sitting

Jesse -6'1"/187/2.5/20
Spence- 6'5"/203/2/20-25
Wharff- 6'3"/179/4/20
Dave- 5'10"/186/2/20
Jay- 5'10 1/2"/211/1/23ish

We'll kick it off at 7 pm with the puck drop!

7:00 pm: Jim Day is kicking us off shortly.  We have all the contestants and three lady judges ready to roll.  Ally from work says "good luck, no nugget milkshakes this time"

7:06 pm:  Patiently waiting, the anthem is being sung right now by a man who looks like he has had much more than 33 nuggets in his life.  FUN FACT: Jay has only had one 40 his whole life.  Puck drop in 3...2....1 BEGIN!  

7:10 pm:  Spence is the first done with 10 nuggets

7:12 pm:  All five have completed their first 10 nuggets.

7:15 pm:  Spence the machine has eaten 20 nuggets with with over 16 minutes remaining in the first period!

7:17 pm: No score yet in the game.  Wharff has finished his 20.  He had 11 in his second box (BONUS NUG!)  but Lindsay ate it for him.  

7:21 pm:  Came to the conclusion that Head Coach Ken Hitchcock could easily knock out 33 about 10 minutes.

7:25 pm:  Jackets take the lead 1-0 over the Caps on an Umberger goal assisted by Jake Voracek.  Spence the Machine is on nugget 29.  No one has finished a 40 yet.

7:28 pm: Wharff has finished his first 40 with 9:31 remaining in the first period.  Spence has got to the 30 mark of nuggets as has Jay.  Jay just grabbed his last three so stay tuned.

7:31 pm:  Jay just finished 33!! All he's got left is 2.5 40s!

7:37 pm:  Wharff and I just finished our last three and have knocked off the 33 portion of the 33-3-3!

7:47 pm: 1st period has come to an end.  Wharff is in front right now with all 33 nuggets done and about a quarter of the 2nd 40 down the hatch.  I check in right behind him with my nuggets done and two sips into my 2nd 40.  Jay is  "pretty full" after 33 nuggets and three fourths of his first 40 done.  Dave JUST finished his first 40 and has eaten around 23 nuggets.  Spence has "hit a wall" after 30 nuggets and half his first 40.   Brett from work just called! FUN FACT: I blew the minds of everyone at McDonalds when I ordered 170 nuggets!

8:11 pm:  BREAKING NEWS!!  Spence just knocked over my 2nd 40, which lost several ounces as a result and also became flatter than Kate Moss.  The judge committee decided that I have to drink one 12 oz bud light to make up for the beer lost and Spence has to tape his last 40 to both of his hands as punishment.  Jay just finished his first 40.  Wharff is still leading with nor mush of his second 40 left.  Still 1-0 left with 14 minutes to go in the 2nd period.

8:16 pm:  Wharff is done with his 2nd 40 and can officially put it on cruise control from here on out.  Spence the Machine finally finished the first 40 and still has three nuggets and two 40s to go.  I am just sips away from knocking out my second.  The judges went out and got their own food and Lindsay got a 40 herself.  GET SOME! 

8:19 pm:  FUN FACT: It's Dave's birthday day midnight!

8:27 pm: FUN FACT: roughly 2700 calories are being consumed by each of tonights participants.

8:35 pm: I am knocking out my beer right now, getting ready to finish.  3 minutes left in the 2nd period, Jackets still up 1-0.  In other news, the Cavs are up 33-23 at the end of the 1st.

8:38 pm: Jackets up 2-0 at the end of the 2nd.  Cavs up 34-27.  Black Hole Sun is on shuffle and we are just rocking out like rock stars.  Jay went for a smoke break, hoping that will lead his body to rally.

8:47 pm: The Cavs must have 17 alternate jerseys.

8:51 pm:  Second period getting ready to begin.  Jay, Spence and Dave need to catch up according to Ally's BBM.

8:55 pm:  Wharff is DONE AND DONE.  He is all finished before the 3rd period has even started.  All he has to do to complete the challenge is keep it all down by the final horn.

9:01 pm: Baby bro called, I hope he completes the 999, the 3333 and whatever the 444 is  by the time he graduates.  In other news, Spence just left to change tampons.  

9:05 pm:  Spence the Machine has finished his nuggets and is about 20% finished with his 2nd 40!

9:09 pm:  Meghan decided than next time we have a challenge you have to put your man card in a bowl before you start...only getting it back once you complete the task.

9:14 pm:  halfway through the 3rd period.... Wharff is done, Jay, Dave and I have a shot at it with some 40 left, but Spence needs a miralce with 1.75 40s left.

9:21 pm: I'm done!  Jay and Dave are close.  Dave much closer than Jay who has 3/4 of a 40 left with just 8 minutes left in the game!



This is for the people.  Jay and TSpence are down for the count.  1  2  3.  Can they make it.  Maybe if they had my stomach.  I love the people and the sheer facct that this may be the easiest challege of my life is besides the point.  

Blogger Out,

9:40 pm:  Wow it's still pretty early but the game is over.  Jackets beat the Caps 3-0.  Incredible.  Dave, Wharff and I finished the challenge.  This leaves Wharff and I as two time legends and dave at 1 for 1.  Spence and Jay have got some room to grow.

10:10 pm:  Cavs are up 12 with 7 to go in th e4th.  Pretty much feeling like a Legend.  Just burned a duece with Jay and Dave and we are so money at this point after 33 nuggets, 3 4os and a couple beers.  I should probablt stop posting soon.

10:25pm: Cleveland is up big.  The Celtics are done, losing 7 out of 9 after winning 27 out of 29.  That may or may not be correct.

10:31 pm:  When will it be released that Cortland Finnegan and Delonte West are the same person?



  1. I just wanna say im proud of the 3 allstars that made it and for those that didnt.....ur just a couple of hacks! It's alright though maybe next time. As for the next challenge, im thinkin maybe when I come up we can do somethin like 4 double cheeseburgers and 4 40's? I mean if u guys can handle it? I know im down for anything so just let me know whats poppin off. ~ MB aka "Baby Bro"

  2. 33-3-3 seems WAY easier than the 9-9-9. That's just one man's opinion. I've never tried either so take it for what it's worth.

  3. Congrats to all finishers. You will remember this day forever. The grory is yours!

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