Thursday, January 8, 2009

Florida vs. Oklahoma BCS Championship Live Blog!

7:33 PM: I just took Florida on the adjusted line -10.5 for +160 to my money.

7:35 PM: Talked to my buddy Swim and he likes Florida. He has never picked a winner in his life. I'm screwed.

8:04 PM: Tom Brennanaman is going to be aweful to listen to in this game.

8:05 PM: At this point I am going to introduce someone to meatballsinthemorning. I will not reveal his real name so, we will refer to him as the Wise Meatball.

The Wise Meatball just said "Volanda, looks like a sweet piece of dark chocolate with pecans in the middle".

8:09 PM: Florida looks real mean!

8:11 PM: A skyline meal was just placed on the coin flip between the Wise Meatball and my other freind. TWMB has tails or Oklahoma depending on what's on the coin.

8:15 PM: And the toss is........................................................The black ref just interrupted the short white dude, its tails! TWMB wins a skyline meal.

8:20 PM: These gators look fresh on D!! They were all over him.

8:25 PM: That O-line for Oklahoma is The Best in College Football.

8:27 PM: I don't know about this Okla. snap count.

8:28 PM: Due to the circumstances I stated above, I will not be posting when Florida has the rock.

8:40 PM: I'm starting to get a little nervous that the young choir boy is going to meltdown in this game and turn into a drunk and go undrafted in next years draft -TWMB.

8:48 PM: Is Bob Stoops really arguing that holding call here with 5:56 left in the first?

8:50 PM: This game is being called terribly.

9:03 PM: I just lost a game of foosball for the computer the rest of the night and got leveled 10-4. I'm signing out, peace.


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