Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 1-on-1 Basketball Tourney Bracket

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Each game is to 11, win by 2 and baskets are worth 1 and 2. Double elimination. Call your own foul and don't be gay about it. The inaugural event will be hosted on South Nelson Rd. in Columbus, OH on court #4. Tickets for the entire tournament are free and the only prize awarded will be to the winner of the whole thing. Drumroll please...The loser of game 15 will be a 3-time loser and therefore the worst player in America so he will have to buy the winner lunch. Vegas odds makers (Bobby Cans and Slevy) have the lines set for the opening round as follows.

Bryan -3 vs. Brett
Andy -2.5 vs. Jesse
Bo -2.5 vs. Jay
Tim -4.5 vs. Dave


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  1. Yo that Andy vs. Jesse game looks tight. I'm pulling for AI...I mean AG...