Saturday, January 24, 2009

Celebs at the Margarito vs. Mosley Fight

Jim Lampley claims there are 500 people that the average American could recognize.  This is obvious hyperbole, but let's take a real count.  I can't see everyone, but here's a list of people I see in the first few rows:

Bernard Hopkins (kept standing and cheering all fight long much to the chagrin of Marky Mark)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (had the best seats along with Sly)
Sylvester Stallone (he's really had a lot of work done, it's clear when you see him in HD)
Toby McGuire
George Lopez
LaDanian Tomlinson (in the ring pre-fight)
Joe Pesci (wearing an Indians hat for some reason)
Ray J (also in the ring pre-fight)
Mark Wahlberg (dressed like a lumberjack)
Kevin Connolly (wearing funny sunglasses)
Cuba Gooding, Jr.

In other news, we are seven rounds in as I'm writing this and Sugar Shane Mosley is absolutely DOMINATING Margarito.  This is the biggest crowd in Staples Center history (20,000+)

UPDATE:  9th round, Mosley just went after Margarito and the referee just stopped the fight as the Tijuana Tornado fell to the mat for the second round in a row.  Here's a round by round read on the beatdown.  Sugar Shane TKO!

Earlier in the evening, Margarito's wraps were found to  have some plaster of Paris on them during a pre-fight inspection.  Margarito's hair is terrible.  It's like a faux hawk rat tail combination.


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