Thursday, January 8, 2009

Links, Christmas Shopping and a Teaser

"Hazing is a fun way to show a new employee that she is not welcome or liked." - Dwight Schrute.

My man Slevy sent this to me. Unprecedented, but it sort of makes sense, no? I mean that's more important to a person than a car, TV, house, etc.

Sean Avery gets six games and a dismissal from the Stars for talking about NHL players dating his sloppy seconds and this gets you just two games off. Really?

Wow, there's a new Fast & Furious movie coming out and Vin Diesel is back. Holy crap, I could not be more excited about this book of my childhood becoming a movie this year!

Here's a safety tip for you online shoppers. Speaking of shopping, now that the holiday season is over, I wanted to share my thoughts on buying presents for your significant other. A few weeks ago, myself and some of the other guys at work with girlfriends/fiancees were talking about what we were getting them for Christmas. I mentioned that my girl told me she wanted sunglasses like three months before Christmas. She even sent me two options to choose from. This is perfect, so I still feel like I was really involved in the thought process of getting her a gift. A couple of guys thought that took the 'fun' out of it. Fun? I don't see how looking high and low for something she might like, stressing out about it, wondering how much I should spend and all that is fun. That seems like work to me. I like to shoot from the hip and I appreciate things being said straight forward. It doesn't get much more straight forward than, "I want this, here are two choices, it's up to you. Go nuts!" I wish everyone in my life that I have to buy a present for would do this.

A lot of you already know that The Three Kevins and I became, no, solidified our status as legends by completing the 999 all star challenge back in July. We got so excited about the whole thing we decided to branch out and have been brainstorming the challenges over the last few months and finally came to an agreement on the hockey equivalent. This Friday night during the Blue Jackets vs. Capitals game, we will attempt the inaugural 33-3-3. This manly event includes consuming 33 McDonalds nuggets and 3 40s over the span of three periods of hockey. There are a half dozen or so contestants this time around so we'll have well over 200 nuggets on my coffee table. In related news, we are proud to announce the first MITM live blog will be documenting the conquest. Video evidence will be provided by Kevin Wharff and uploaded to youtube and facebook soon after editing. Up next, the 100-100-100?

Check back in around 6:45 pm EST tomorrow for the live blog.


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