Monday, October 19, 2009

Early Picks this Week

Not too shabby last week, but you can see what I was saying about not being too sure about any of the lines.

Last week:
New England (-9) over Tennessee-- RIGHT
New Orleans (-3) over New York Giants-- RIGHT
Philadelphia (-14) over Oakland-- WRONG
Chicago (+3) over Atlanta-- WRONG

This week I feel a lot better about and I'll probably throw a three team parlay together with the first three of these picks. So confident that I'm picking four road teams. Home team in bold.

Indianapolis (-13) over St. Louis-- How is this line not higher? This game has FREE MONEY written all over it. The only teams St. Louis has competed with all year are the offensively offensive Redskins and the identity-ess Jaguars.

New England (14.5) over Tampa Bay-- Tampa has lost by two scores in four of six games this season and I honestly couldn't name more than two starters on offense for the team (actually three- Kellen Winslow). Tom Brady is feeling great after putting up a monster game last week. By the way TB, thanks for tossing that SIXTH tuddy in the second half, if you weren't so greedy I would have won my fantasy matchup.

Green Bay (-7) over Cleveland-- I love just about any team covering over Cleveland, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Detroit, Tennessee and Oakland.

New Orleans (-6.5) over Miami-- I liked this a lot more when it was -6 and it breaks my heart to pick against the Fish, but NO is beasting everyone right now.

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