Monday, October 26, 2009

Meatballs + Alex BBM chat thread from ALCS Game 6

Jesse,Pelle,Alex Dombroff

Pelle: Alex @ the game?
Jesse: He just called
Jesse: Not yet
Jesse: You invite him to this bbm?
Pelle: I don't know how to do that
Alex Dombroff: I'm here boys
Jesse: Nice
Pelle: On the subway
Alex Dombroff: In a cab on the way to the stadium... Parents are
sitting one place, I'm in another, so until I can sneak down to where
they are, I will be active in this chat
Jesse: Good
Jesse: Maddie has on her nyy bandana
Pelle: I'm so f*** jealous. Of Alex not maddie
Alex Dombroff: Nothing to be jealous about until we win this thing
Pelle: Very true. Glad were throwing pettite?
Pelle: I am
Alex Dombroff: Me too
Alex Dombroff: This is when he does work
Jesse: No doubt
Pelle: I don't like how people are saying that girardi is lookin ahead
by not starting cc
Alex Dombroff: He's looking at history
Alex Dombroff: Pettite gets the job done in october
Jesse: Pelle said he'll admit anal bead use with vayda if we win
Alex Dombroff: its about time
Alex Dombroff: Then I wanna know what happened once they really got going
Jesse: Fins. Pissed away leads of 24 3 early and 34 24 in the 4th
Pelle: Feeling anything in the air tonight Alex?
Alex Dombroff: The deegan is about 10x more packed than I've ever seen
it on a game day
Alex Dombroff: I don't know what means but the crowd should be strong
Pelle: Nice!!
Jesse: Eta?
Alex Dombroff: Just got here - all lots full. Haven't seen one douchey
californian yet
Jesse: Nice. Weather?
Alex Dombroff: Cool but not bad
Alex Dombroff: Feels like october
Jesse: Wind?
Alex Dombroff: Light
Alex Dombroff: The new girl looks grand tonight
Jesse: New girl?
Alex Dombroff: The stadium
Jesse: Love it
Pelle: Ahhh let's go yanks!
Jesse: Let's do it
Alex Dombroff: Dealin'
Jesse: Looks great
Pelle: Its the first inning
Alex Dombroff: You can't start a fire without a spark, pelle
Jesse: Boom
Pelle: I know I'm just saying
Jesse: Tex!
Pelle: He's hitting the ball from the right side btr
Jesse: Swish!!
Pelle: What was Vladimir doing?
Jesse: Please don't let that bum Mathis look like an allstar us again
Pelle: Walks. Ugh
Jesse: Terrible fake NY [by] jorgie there haha
Alex Dombroff: Time to start piling on the runs
Pelle: Let's bat around
Alex Dombroff: Robbie, no pressure situation
Pelle: Buck just said cano looked incredible in batting practice
Alex Dombroff: Good start
Alex Dombroff: Set up
Jesse: Here we go cap
Alex Dombroff: Jete owns this guy
Jesse: Come on Jd
Alex Dombroff: Ugh
Alex Dombroff: Break through!!
Jesse: Are you kidding me
Pelle: What?
Pelle: This kid is a f**
Jesse: Thanks for explaining that the bottom third of the order is the
7 8 9 hitters
Jesse: I had no idea before Joe buck told me
Pelle: Big time k!
Jesse: Ughhhh
Pelle: I said they would score first
Jesse: 345 let's go
Pelle: I'd like to answer that lead off double with Tex
Pelle: Saunders not looking very comfortable
Jesse: Laboring
Jesse: You swicth seats yet Al?
Pelle: Green light?
Alex Dombroff: Naw. None down there. My old roommate is in the
upperdeck. Might downgrade and go up there if he has an empty
Jesse: Not a bad idea
Jesse: Send a rod
Alex Dombroff: Plus there will be some legit noise upstairs
Jesse: Ahhh
Jesse: Gotta quit leaving ducks on the pond
Pelle: We're ok. As long as we get the next guy in who gets on second
Jesse: Let's give Andy some support now
Pelle: Were gettin 2 across here
Jesse: Here it is
Jesse: Morales afraid of the wall there. Very abreu-ish
Pelle: Come on jetes
Jesse: Mcgwire to be cards hitting coach
Pelle: So he's the pharmacist
Jesse: He's a what, .270 hitter?
Jesse: Damon!!!
Pelle: 3 4 5 keep it going!
Alex Dombroff: Rod time
Jesse: A rod is terryifying here
Alex Dombroff: Rodtober
Jesse: Kate Hudson is sitting down that's wack
Pelle: Missed call
Jesse: That was an iffy call but ill take it
Alex Dombroff: Saved them from taking him yard on 3-2
Jesse: True
Pelle: We have em down but we need to go for jugular right here.
Jesse: They're bringing in their best setup hit in the 4th. KISS THE BABY
Alex Dombroff: Time for someone to put a KTB stamp on this game
Jesse: Hahaha
Pelle: Only out was a sac
Pelle: O Jesus please bring in Santana
Pelle: You f*** posada
Pelle: That's 9 lob
Pelle: Need to keep stackin runs though on their pen
Pelle: Let's turn 2
Jesse: Nice!
Pelle: There it is. Robbie looks like he's btr than everyone tonight.
He's gonna start off the inning here as well
Pelle: Omg were gonna let Oliver shut us down
Jesse: New girl attendance record tonight
Jesse: What's there to talk about. Go and get him
Jesse: How did he hit that pitch
Alex Dombroff: Its ok, andy october will take care of kendry
Jesse: Big
Jesse: We need some insurance
Jesse: I like Hughes and mo for 2
Jesse: Mathis will hit this to jersey I'm sure
Alex Dombroff: Wait an overation for andy october
Alex Dombroff: What
Jesse: I want a gidp
Jesse: Cano has been off the hook
Jesse: Joba rules
Jesse: Send rod here. 2-0
Alex Dombroff: Vayda is 6 outs from giving influenza headies tonight
Jesse: Hahaha. Love it
Jesse: Teixeira should come out with his own tom emanski series
Jesse: CANO!
Jesse: Whoops!
Alex Dombroff: Nice, vlad
Jesse: UghhhhhhH
Alex Dombroff: Mo!
Alex Dombroff: Still 4 outs to go..
Jesse: Maybe we shoulda let Vlad take that walk
Pelle: I could go for some insurance
Jesse: Swisher sweet
Jesse: Sac?
Pelle: I would
Pelle: Now I make him throw a strike
Jesse: Wowwwww
Pelle: Sac melky
Jesse: Clearly
Jesse: Holy crap
Jesse: Knoblauch pitching?
Pelle: Were trying to get out n they still can't do it
Alex Dombroff: Jeter with the ktb moment here
Jesse: Ktb
Pelle: That is career suicide for kazmir. He's done. I hope he invested
Jesse: Haha. Wow
Jesse: His career can ktb?
Jesse: Fly ball
Pelle: That would be ideal
Pelle: Cut them deep!
Jesse: Its still kiss the baby
Alex Dombroff: Wow.
Alex Dombroff: That had ktb written all over it
Jesse: But it was about to be kiss a whole hospital full of babies for a second
Pelle: He's leavin that up to pay rod
Pelle: Intentional unintentional
Jesse: On base 5 times tonight!
Jesse: Jorgie at the plate tonight has created 7 of the 24 outs
Jesse: Left at least 5 on base
Pelle: What an awful game for him. He looks terrible
Pelle: He's left them juiced twice
Pelle: 2 double plays
Jesse: Two to go
Pelle: Mccarver is an absolute bum
Jesse: One mo for mo!
Jesse: Saw his bat
Pelle: Petitte the all time wins leader in the post season. 16 n counting!
Jesse: Get on your feet new York
Pelle: Bump city!
Pelle: K him looking
Jesse: Yeahhhhhhhhh
Pelle: Yes sir!!!!!!
Jesse: 4 to go
Alex Dombroff: Its up to you NEW YORK, NEW YORK
Jesse: Hahaha. Jeter just clowned ken rosenthal
Alex Dombroff: Mission october is on
Alex Dombroff: Can we archive this bbm
Jesse: Yeah. Ill email it to you guys in the morning

I'm sure that has no interest to anyone but Yankee fans.


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