Thursday, October 8, 2009

Post # 100!

For all the doubters, this is for you. For the haters, we made it to post 100!!!! Can't Nobody Hold Us Down. We are also quickly approaching our one year anniversary, setting a personal record for longest time running a blog.

This week's NFL picks:
Cincinnati (+8.5) at Baltimore--I've been sweating Carson Palmer all year and pegged the Bengals for nine wins, they won't win, but it'll be a one-score game. Who Dey has been in four of the most exciting games so far this season.
Minnesota (-10) at St. Louis-- St. Louis has been shutout twice and scored just 24 points in four weeks and 17 of them were in one game.
Indianapolis (-3.5) at Tennessee-- The Titans look worse each week and Indy keeps getting better.

Last week, I didn't do so hot. Let's take a look
Baltimore (+2) at New England-- WRONG
San Diego (+7) at Pittsburgh-- WRONG
Detroit (+10) at Chicago-- RIGHT

When I did the Meatball NFL preview, I straight picked each of the 256 games on the NFL schedule to make an attempt at accurate records of each team. Because I did this in the preseason, before anyone knew how bad some teams (St. Louis) are and how good other teams are (New York Jets), I am at a disadvantage compared to the guys who make picks week to week. That being said, someone give me some ESPN money because here's where I rank through the quarter mark of the season against ESPN's 'Experts.'

Mortensen: 48-14
Schefter: 46-16
Jaws: 42-16*
Jesse: 44-18
Golic: 43-18*
Schlereth: 43-19
Wickersham: 43-19
Hoge: 43-19
Allen: 39-23
*Jaws doesn't pick the MNF games he covers and Golic didn't pick the MNF opener he covered.


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