Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 7 Power Rankings, brought to you by the Lube Tube

Power rankingsSoSRem SoSLast Week
IND1 19.6 16.91
NOL2 17.2 17.24
MIN3 19.5 16.03
DEN4 19.7 16.75
ATL5 12.6 16.28
NE6 14.8 14.916
PIT7 22.5 15.910
ARI8 15.0 20.113
SF9 14.2 17.611
NYG10 22.8 15.02
MIA11 12.4 17.121
GB12 18.4 17.715
BAL13 16.3 12.812
CIN14 13.3 18.97
NYJ15 14.7 16.29
PHI16 21.4 15.16
HOU17 20.3 17.120
CAR18 19.8 11.118
CHI19 14.2 13.714
SD20 12.8 20.917
BUF21 15.2 17.326
DAL22 18.0 16.925
SEA23 15.7 17.422
DET24 11.5 15.719
JAC25 18.7 15.424
WAS26 23.7 14.023
CLE27 10.3 18.427
KC28 19.3 18.629
OAK29 15.8 18.130
TB30 18.8 10.431
TEN31 11.8 16.028
STL32 16.3 14.832

Lube Tube Breakdown:
1. Indianapolis - Peyton is hands down the MVP right now.
2. New Orleans - Proof that this offense can hum against a good defense, and shows how valuable home field in the playoffs is to the Saints.
3. Minnesota - I didn't think that Favre would make them this good. He has. And don't expect a late season breakdown like last year. They're keeping him on a pitch count, and he gets to play in a nice warm dome for most of the winter.
4. Denver - WTF. I didn't think they'd have four wins on the season, let alone six before their bye week. People may start to realize that having a rocket arm (Cutler) doesn't make you a better QB.
5. Atlanta - Two quality victories in a row. Chicago is overrated, but this Atlanta team will make some noise come January.
6. New England - If I were anything like them, I'd be running up my word count on this column for no reason. Karma punishes coaches that needlessly throw with their starters, ahead by 52. Ye be warned.
7. Pittsburgh - Since I hate Pittsburgh, I'll only say that they will win the AFC North.
8. Arizona - Everyone wrote them off after San Fran started out well. Last time I checked, they were tied.
9. San Francisco - I wished they hadn’t signed Crabtree. Something just doesn't feel right about this team, but Gore is back. So be happy with that 49er fans.
10. New York Giants - Congrats, you beat five terrible teams. Welcome to the "doing what you're supposed to" club. This week against Arizona will be a big test.
11. Miami - The wildcat is fun, and Ronnie Brown can run it. Stop putting Pat White behind center. It's pointless.
12. Green Bay - Beating an injured Detroit squad doesn't do much for your cred. Shutting out that team, however, builds some much needed confidence for that defense.
13. Baltimore - I have no idea what this team is. Contender? Middle of the Pack? Do they fold? Do they rebound? Bye week helps them answer some of those questions.
14. Cincinnati - After an emotional win last week, this was almost inevitable. As a Bengal fan though, you would have liked to see a little more fight though.
15. New York Jets – Thomas Jones runs for 200 and you lose? That loss hangs on Sanchez and the offensive coordinator. Maybe after pick #3 you should have gone a little more conservative. You were playing the Bills, remember?
16. Philadelphia – Any team that loses to the Raiders doesn’t deserve to make the playoffs. Man law.
17. Houston – Completely dominated the Bengals. Since everyone thinks they are good again, they’ll lay an egg against the 49ers.
18. Carolina - They aren't good. Beating bad teams doesn't change that. Wesley’s hit deserved more than a one-game suspension. He should be the tackling dummy in Tampa’s practices this week.
19. Chicago - See Carolina. Also, Jay Cutler is 20 - 22 as a starter. Just throwing that out there.
20. San Diego - Only bright side is Tomlinson looks like he has a little left in the tank.
21. Buffalo - Who cares.
22. Dallas - NFC East teams are given too much credit. This is a six win team with fantasy value. Period.
23. Seattle - Screw you Housh! Hope you enjoy that awful team.
24. Detroit - I feel bad for them. Offense starts building a bright future, then Stafford and Megatron go down. Luckily, its not too serious.
25. Jacksonville - Get more than 40,000 people in your stadium, and I'll write something about you.
26. Washington - ROFL. Dan Snyder is the Dan Snyder of football.
27. Cleveland - Death threats against Braylon Edwards? I understand, I really do.
28. Kansas City - They deserve to be better. I think they'll get there, but it's without Cassel.
29. Oakland - Jamarcus Russell is a turd. Wins don't cover that crap up.
30. Tampa Bay - Terrible. Take a lap.
31. Tennessee – See above.
32. St. Louis – See Above above.

Jesse's thoughts:
-I love that my fins skyrocketed when they didn't even play.
-I'm confused as to how the Titans cannot be deemed the worst team in football right now.
-The top four teams have separated themselves from the pack, much like the bottom six have, but there are close to a dozen teams you could fill in the 5-10 spots. Hopefully the next couple weeks will shake things out a bit.
-Normally, if I were to tell you, the game you got to watch was an OT contest between division rivals, you'd be pumped right? Me, too. That idea sounds great on paper and in theory, but then you have the Jets/Bills vomit fest of last Sunday and you are not as excited as you used to be.
-What is going on in Jacksonville? Mojo goes crazy on the radio the week before, then goes nuts on the field and you need OT to beat one of the worst teams of the decade?
-I don't get how he has B-more over the Queen City when the Bengals won head-to-head.

I'll leave you with a fun Sporcle...Sports teams who do not have the city they play in their name.


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