Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yankee Meatballs in the Morning

If my laptop wasn't screwed, I'd bring it out and do some live blogging with Joey O. and Pelle, but such is life.

Also, here's this fun picture of the Quest for 27 via LoHud.

UPDATE: This was not worthy of it's own new post, but is this 2009-10 Blue Jackets collectible poster a complete remake/re-imagining/copy/ripoff of this Season 6 Entourage poster or what?
Hint: The answer is not 'or what.'

Brassard is looking sort of away from everyone else, like Ari.
The guy with the beard (Nash/Turtle) has the biggest smile and is facing the table with his hands folded.
Mason has his arm up behind Nash, similar to Vince putting his arm behind Turtle.
Commodore and Johnna Drama are the main things that make the posters not identical.
Each poster finishes with the least important member pictured on the right side, Jared Boll/E, laughing and looking at something offscreen.


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