Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last week's recap

Playoff Predictions Update
My pick/ Actual pick

Yankees over Twins 3-1/ Yankees over Twins 3-0
-I thought one of the Yankee starters would falter, but just 3 ER over 19 IP, and the lowest ERA so far in the playoffs, I feel great about this club.
Red Sox over Angels 3-2/ Angels over Red Sox 3-0
-No comment, I couldn't be more wrong. Hopefully the Angels flipping the ownership of the Sox/Halos history is a pre-cursor for the same thing happening with the Pinstripes.
Dodgers over Cardinals 3-2/ Dodgers over Cardinals 3-0
-This might have been closer if not for Matt Monday. New nickname after that awful play, as good as holidays are, Mondays are just as bad.
Phillies over Rockies 3-0/ Phillies over Rockies 3-1
-Is Brad Lidge back? This guy has gone from awful to dominant as often as Oprah has gone from fat to skinny, I don't know what to expect, but I'm glad I don't have to worry about him closing my team's games.

Last week's NFL picks!
Three-for-three. I swept my picks, just like the Yankees swept the Twins. No idea why I didn't put the Giants game here since I picked it in real life, but, let's try to build this momentum into next week.
Cincinnati (+8.5) at Baltimore-- RIGHT
Minnesota (-10) at St. Louis-- RIGHT
Indianapolis (-3.5) at Tennessee-- RIGHT

Imagine That, SLAM Mag takes a look at three possible destinations for King James.
Offensive Play, Malcom Gladwell makes an argument that football and dogfighting are not as different as you'd think?
Sporcle, Can you name all the #1 seeds in March Madness history?
No Hate for Kate, the Yankees told the players' wives and girlfriends to quit trash talking Kate Hudson. This is the playoffs, shut your mouths.


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